The Demesha Challenge Day 2

BLLLAAAAHHHHH!!!! This is what the "Satan Torture Machine of Death's" screen looks like. HOLY COW. So yesterday, I decided to mix it up a little and try the stair climber. Demesha challenged me to 20 minutes of cardio every day, so yesterday I decided to try to hit 20 minutes on the stair climber. Let me just say after 3 minutes, I thought my legs were falling off. I mean they were SCREAMING. I had my concerns about getting my heart rate up to the right point and this one certainly got it up there...only problem was that it got up to 169 and I actually found that I should be aiming for around 155 (which is where I was staying on the elliptical most days, so I was right on target...I thought it was too low). Anywhoo...I somehow managed to fight through the 20 minutes and I swear I thought of each and every one of you at some point and how we all struggle, but we are all persevering. I went through everyone's name in my head and asked myself if they would quit and the answer for each of you was a RESOUNDING NO! : ) I am so thankful for each and every one of you who has helped me along the way for the past few weeks. It's amazing to think of the support I have found in such a short time.
So I did it! I went 20 minutes and burned 326 calories (not a bad payoff for 20 minutes) and went 40 flights of stairs (according to the machine). I thought about trying the elliptical for a while after the stair climber, but decided against it. I just went home and collapsed. Demesha, my hat is off to you for doing 30 TO 40 MINUTES ON THAT TORTURE DEVICE!!! You are one strong girl. I took this picture of myself when I got back into my car. Gosh I love my Irish skin! I always turn beet red when I exercise. I have always been like that. I hate it when people ask me, "Are you okay?" Yes!!! I am!!! I am just Irish and turn a nice shade of "Santa Suit Red" when I move at all! ; ) Wow...what an awful makes me laugh. I think I was saying "phew" or something when I took it...but that is the face of achievement!

I had another topic that I was really wanting to discuss today "DENIAL"...but I have been extra busy today and didn't have time to really write about it. I am so ready to leave work...MY BODY BUGG IS WAITING ON ME AT HOME!! I can't wait to go work out!
Wait...did I actually just say that? "I can't wait to go work out!" HA! I did! : )
So tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to get my post out about denial. It is something that I think I may be struggling with a bit. I think it would be good to write it all out.
This evening, I think I have a date with an elliptical machine...we'll see about the dreaded stairclimber...I have a feeling it will be staring me down the whole time I am at the gym until I give in to it.


Leigh Ann said...

HA! You rock. :) My face gets red like that too and it's so embarrassing! I look like I'm about to pass out and die after about fifteen minutes of ANYTHING. "Are you okay??" "YES! I"m FINE! I just LOOK like I'm about to have a heart attack!" :)

Momma Ali said...

WHEW GIRL! I feel your pain. I recently started using the stair stepper too. WHAT A TORTURE DEVICE! It really really really works though, I AM GROWING TO LIKE IT. Did I just say that??? Anyhoo, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I thought of all of you tonight as I was elliptical'ing! = ) ILY, Keep up the GREAT PHENOMENAL AWESOME work!!!! = ) YOU ROCK!

Anna said...

Val I am so proud of you! You are conquring Satan Torture Machine of Death's

Mesha said...

ROCK ON BABY, ROCK ON! OH MAN...I AM FILLED WITH EXCITEMENT BECAUSE OF YOU RIGHT much so i just wrote in all caps...i wasn't yelling, i promise. :) Three words:


Keep it up chick, you are amazing and are such a strong young lady. KEEP IT UP! I'm inspired, I definately can't start slacking now. :)

Amazing what the words, "I CHALLENGE YOU" can do to a person. You are working your way through this challenge with grace Val - love it!